Copenhagen cycle crash course

Learn how to safely bike the streets of Copenhagen on your own


A bit unsafe on the bike in a new city like Copenhagen? Or simply just clueless on a bike in Copenhagen? Be safe on your bike with this short course that will teach you to ride a bike in Copenhagen safely

Learn how to safely bike the streets of Copenhagen on your own. The number 1 City Guide Kim Pedersen offers a 3 hours safety course for all new comers.

The safety course is based on 4 stages and consists of both theory and practice.

  1. Traffic regulations.
  2. Finding your way around Copenhagen.
  3. Using public transport and avoiding bicycle theft.
  4. Do’s and dont's

All of these questions and much much more will be answered:

  • Should I get a bicycle helmet?
  • At what time of the day is there less traffic?
  • Are there areas within Copenhagen that I should avoid?
  • Do I have to pay extra when I bring my bike on the S-Train or Metro and is it allowed?
  • Why prefer biking over public transport? What or the written and un-written rules when biking in Copenhagen? How can I find my way around?
  • Biking is fun, healthy and the best way to get around Copenhagen. Find out what you need to know, and bike the streets safely and with the knowledge you need to know.

The safety course is developed in collaboration with the Official Danish Bicycle Agency.

Price (includes bike rental): Dkr. 175,-